Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair, Tangerine

Arguably the best high chair in its category, the Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair, Tangerine is a revolutionary unit that’s designed to transition with your child as he or she moves from breastfeeding to taking solid foods. This high chair boasts some remarkable features that you’d hardly find in most 3-in-1 chairs.

Its manufacturer promises that it will keep your baby safe and comfortable as he enjoys his or her meals. But, what makes the Graco DuoDiner unique and most importantly worth your money? We take a close look at the chair and what it has to offer.

Product Features and Benefits

Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair, Tangerine

The Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair, Tangerine is perhaps one of most highly rated baby high chairs on the market and a review of the chair shows specifically why parents have fallen in love with it across the board. An overview of customer reviews indicates that up to 73% of shoppers who have used it are satisfied with what it has it offer. Here’s a look at its strongest points;

Grows With Your Baby – Essentially the best baby high chair ought to grow with your baby, but the DuoDiner takes it a notch higher. It features three different for ultimate comfort and functionality. It will accommodate your child from when he or she is an infant up to when they’re a toddler.

Convertible Harness System – It almost goes without saying that a high chair should provide absolute safety to the baby. This one comes a perfect 3 and 5 point harness so that it can secure the young one into position as he or she feeds.

Detachable One Hand Tray – Because you will place the baby’s plate on the tray, it only makes sense if it’s removable. Most importantly the tray should be detachable with relative ease. The DuoDiner comes with a food tray that can be removable with one hand – a functionality that comes in handy when your hands and are full. And, it may catch your attention to know that the tray is dishwasher safe.

Easy Storage – Don’t have a lot of space to store the Graco DuoDiner? Not to worry! It is designed to save you storage space thanks to its easy-to-use folding system. All you need to do is press the handles on either side of the chair until it folds. The system also makes the chair easy to carry around especially when traveling.

Easy to Clean – A baby high chair will get soiled too often, and you’d want a unit that cleans easily. The LX seat is with easy to wipe, machine washable material. In essence, that ensures the baby is always feeding in a clean, germ-free environment.

An Overview of the Three Growth Stages this Chair Supports

Remember when we said that the Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair, Tangerine is designed to support three distinct stages of growth? Well, here’s a brief breakdown of these stages;

Stage 1

Infant High Chair – As an infant chair, the DuoDiner will recline to match your child’s needs during the early days of feeding. The recline position is perfect for a baby who’s just beginning to take solid foods or feeding from the bottles as it ensures the young one remains comfortable.

Stage 2

Adjustable Feeding Chair – At this stage, the parent can access all features of the chair. Top on the list is the ability to adjust the chair’s height so that the little one can join the rest of the family at the dining table. The LX features height adjustable legs with 5 levels as well as a customizable foot and leg rest.

Stage 3

Portable Booster Seat – The DuoDiner LX can also serve as a portable booster seat whenever you’re eating outside the confines of your home such as in a restaurant.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy construction to prevent the baby from tipping over
  • Strategically placed levers to adjust the height based on the child’s needs
  • The food tray is equally sturdy and easy to clean
  • Comes with a recline feature to accommodate smaller babies when the parent is doing other chores such as cooking or cleaning
  • Great for those busy mother’s who would love to travel with their kids


  • Could do with some detachable wheels
  • The seat’s strap may not be easy to clean

The Verdict

The Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair, Tangerine is one of the most sought after baby high chairs on the market for some good reasons. It is made using the same precision and high quality that has made Graco a reputable baby care product manufacturer. Its versatility brings to the fore unmatched usability and value for money. Purchase the DuoDiner today and join thousands of other parents who are successfully helping their babies sit comfortably during meal time.

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