High Chair Age Range

Come to think of it; when is the young one ready to use a high chair? Or better yet, is there a particular age that the little one should stop using the chair? Even though there is no answer cast in stone to these questions, introducing the toddler to a high chair at the right age is essential.

That said, the high chair age range depends on various factors such as the baby’s weight and the type of chair.The information below seeks to help you know which the correct high chair range based on the two factors as mentioned above.

High Chair Age Range


At this age, the infant is better off with a high chair that has the following features for comfort and safety;

  • A crotch post that fastens the baby legs to ensure that they don’t slip below the integrated tray
  • A recline that so that the child a can lay back comfortably. This feature is a must have for high chairs intended for infants because their neck is not yet strong enough to offer head support.
  • The best high chair for babies should have a harness similar to the one in baby car seats. The harness system allows you to buckle the child around the waist all the way to the shoulders
  • A tray to ensure that the young one remains tucked in their seats.
  • While an infant may not have started to eat solid food, the tray will make the baby feel part of the larger family when the chair is placed in front of the dining table.

Older Babies and Toddlers

A high chair meant for older babies and toddlers is significantly different from that one of an infant. It should allow the little one to have a “good time” with options such as colorful trays and toys. Most high chairs on the market are meant to accommodate this age range. Even so, the ideal chair should be foldable for easy storage.

Hook on High Chairs

If you travel a lot, a hook on high chair would be the best option for your kid. These chairs can also be used in restaurants or during family gatherings. Hook on high chairs can be used by children between the ages of six months and those that weight up to 36 pounds. It is essential to note that hook on chair don’t have the recline feature and as such cannot be used by children whose necks cannot provide head support.

Booster Seats

These are designed for use by preschoolers and older children who cannot sit in an upright position without assistance from an adult. Most booster seats are made using materials that is easy to clean and come with a detachable tray. Some even have straps to hold the young one in place at the dining table.

Wooden Chairs

These are the new entrants in the high chair market. As you would imagine, they are sturdy and accommodate bigger children. As a matter of fact, a wooden high chair can hold a child aged anywhere between six months and up to 12 years. Never mind the fact they are expensive, these chairs offer the best value for money. Because of the materials used to construct them, wooden high chairs guarantee years of use.

Benefits of Allowing the Child to Use a High Chair for Long

Keeping the little one in a high chair a bit longer has a number of advantages including;

  • It helps the baby learn how to sit in an upright position fast
  • It allows the kid to interact with the rest of the family during meal time
  • The chair raises the child to a comfortable level during feeding
  • It teaches the baby how to eat without messing the tray
  • Because the kid is sharing the same table with the rest of the family, he or she develops an appetite for other foods and fruits

Disadvantages of Allowing the Child to Use a High Chair for Long

Can allowing the child to use a high chair even when they’re old enough to sit at the dining table perilous? Yes. Some of the downsides of doings so include;

  • The child may develop an aggressive behavior during meal times. He or she may feel that it’s time to join the rest of the family at dinner table
  • The aggression may increase the risk of falls and by extension, the likelihood of injuries if the chair tips over

In Conclusion

Knowing how to keep your child in a high chair is the first step toward getting the most out of the chair. It is equally imperative that you know the age range that a chair can hold before buying it. The best way to determine this is by checking its maximum weight capacity.

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